Student Information

Dress Code Policy

Personal cleanliness and neatness in dress and appearance are demanded at all times. The dress code is in effect from the first day of school until the last.

Uniform Shirts: Students are expected to wear a Penn Treaty School uniform polo, plain black or gray polo, or approved school sponsored t-shirts, sweats, hoodies, etc. Athletes may wear their jersey with a shirt underneath.  Penn Treaty polos and shirts are available for sale in the main office

  • T-shirts: $10
  • Polos: $15
  • Quarter zips: $20

Dress Code Expectations: There should be no exposed undergarments, clothing representing inappropriate or suggestive content, ripped/sheer garments (including shirts, skirts, sweaters, jeans), crop tops or exposed torsos/midriffs, and excessively short or exposing garments. SKI MASKS WILL BE CONFISCATED.

Shoes: Students should wear sneakers or closed toe shoes (no sandals, slides, slippers, or open toed shoes).

Violations: Students who are out of dress code will receive a call home and a LOANER SHIRT. Loaner shirts must be returned at the end of the day. Students who consistently violate the dress code will be subject to additional consequences.


Our doors open for grades 9th-12th at 7:20 am for breakfast

Admission for 6th-8th begins at 7:30 and breakfast will be served in class

School hours are from 7:30 am – 2:34 pm

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